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Breakthrough the predicament! Powerway's 80MW PV structures arrive on the China-Europe train


Recently, with the "Belt and Road" China-Europe shuttle train slowly leaving Jiangxi Ganzhou International Land Port, it means that Powerway Renewable Energy completed the delivery of solar structures through railway transportation for the first time.

solar mounting structure

A project in Europe

The project is located in the Central European Plain, covering an area of 136 hectares with an installed capacity of 80MW. It can meet the electricity demand of about 30,000 local households and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 96,000 tons each year. It is expected to be connected to the grid by the end of the year.

This project adopts the MACPower solution (Mg-Al-Zn coating steel), double-column, with an average snow load of 1.25KN/㎡ and a maximum snow load of 2.5KN/㎡.Because of the two different geology of the project site, Powerway provides two foundation schemes, a static pressure pile, and a concrete pile to meet the design requirements and save costs for customers.

Solar Fixed Tilt

A project in Europe

With the war between Russia and Ukraine, energy prices in Europe have soared, resulting in a significant increase in local production and living costs. Therefore, the customer expressed that the project will be able to provide cheap and clean energy to the local area after being connected to the grid. 

The “Belt and Road” China-Europe freight train

The customer also praised the Belt and Road China-Europe freight train. The COVID-19 epidemic has led to high shipping costs, and international trade only endures high transportation costs.

The “Belt and Road” China-Europe freight train has broken through the transportation barriers of the countries along the way, effectively reducing the cost of railway transportation and providing new options for international trade. We finally chose railway transportation. 

With the new logistics options, customers look forward to more cooperation with Powerway.

The “Belt and Road” China-Europe freight train